mateo.jpgThe Seattle Mariners are in town for a four-game stand against the hometeam Yankees, but Seattle's relief pitcher Julio Cesar Mateo may be asked to stick around or eventually be invited for a longer stay. Something transpired following the Mariners' win over the Yankees Friday night that resulted in Mateo's wife at St. Vincent's hospital, where she arrived bleeding and received stiches in her mouth.Police wanted Mateo to surrender himself to Manhattan's midtown north precinct house to discuss the circumstances regarding the fight he had with his wife early Saturday morning. According to WCBS News, he did so after going missing for several hours and not reporting for Saturday afternoon's game in the Bronx. Eventually he surrendered himself to the precinct house that was expecting him. He left that precinct in handcuffs, arrested by the NYPD, although the exact charges are still unclear. The Seattle Mariners organization wasted no time in distancing itself from an alleged wife-battering player. Mateo has been demoted to the minors as of yesterday.

Mateo's wife, Aurea, just delivered their second child in March. The New York Times is reporting that an infant was in the midtown Manhattan hotel room when Mateo hit his wife in the face and then bit her lip. Two older children were in an adjoining room, aged 7 and 11. In addition to the recently born child, the Mateos have two other kids and may be looking after the older sons of Mateo's brother, who died in a 2006 car accident.

(AP Photo/ David Karp)