It's a happy ending for Oliver (formerly Navarro) the cat! Upon reading of the animal's traumatizing ordeal of being left marinating in peppers and oil in the trunk of his former owner's car, Vickie Dankowski of Cheektowaga decided it was her job to give the cat a good home. She told the Buffalo News, "I woke up [Tuesday] and read the article in The Buffalo News and couldn't believe what I was reading. I said, 'I think I might want to adopt him.'"

Oliver's former owner, Gary L. Korkuck, was pulled over when cops heard a cat crying from the trunk, and he was marinating the cat because he was "possessive, greedy and wasteful." The cat was taken to the SPCA as Korkuck was charged with cruelty to animals, and the SPCA said that once the story broke, their phone was ringing off the hook.

Dankowski almost missed her opportunity, as another woman was in front of her on line at the SPCA. But the other woman already had a cat and two dogs, and agreed to let Dankowski adopt Oliver. She said, "I got him home now, and he's just looking and exploring like crazy. He's really passive and not aggressive at all." There also might have been an upside to his bizarre treatment. "They bathed him so many times to get the spices out, so he feels so soft. He's absolutely beautiful."