Marilyn Dershowitz, sister-in-law to famed attorney Alan Dershowitz, was killed in a cycling accident yesterday afternoon as she rode through a dark stretch of road underneath a US Mail sorting plant. The 68-year-old was riding behind her husband Nathan Dershowitz, who told DNAinfo, "She waited for the light and I made the light and was riding slowly. When she didn't come, I saw her down and people around her." She was hit by a 7-ton truck, and though she was wearing a helmet, died shortly after being transported to Bellevue Hospital. The driver of the truck, a postal employee for 24 years, was unaware that he hit anyone until authorities tracked him down.

The accident occurred near the intersection of W. 29th and 9th Avenue in Manhattan. Dershowitz, who was a special referee at the Manhattan Supreme Court until retiring six months ago, was apparently riding with traffic, the mail truck on her left. Another car was driving to the left of the truck, and as the truck moved right to avoid the car, struck Dershowitz. "He heard a thump, but he thought it was a bump or a crate. At one point, he thought the car hit him," a source close to the authorities said.

No charges have been filed in the case, and a spokesman for the Postal service said, "The postal police, along with the NYPD are continuing to investigate this matter to determine the culpability of the driver." Dershowitz, who notably worked on the "Dr. Boom" case of a doctor who blew up his Upper East Side townhouse in a suicide attempt, will be missed. "She was lovely lady and they were a lovely couple," her doorman of 11 years said, "She was a big part of the community...She was always happy."