A 22-year-old Pennsvile, NJ man was busted after his text message inquiring about some pot mistakenly went to a police officer. According to Today's Sunbeam, John Milligan "misdialed a number, getting instead the cell phone of Cpl. Christopher Pew, a veteran of the Salem force... Police Chief John Pelura III said Friday that the off-duty corporal did not know the suspect or how serious his request was, but took advantage of the situation by setting up a sting to arrest him." While the exact text was not disclosed, Pelura said, "Basically in the text, Milligan described what vehicle he was driving and where they would meet." Milligan, as well as 20-year-old Kelly Reilly were charged with allegedly loitering to commit a controlled dangerous substance offense. In other pot-texting news, two Worcester, MA siblings were arrested after sending a text offering "pink stars" (Ecstasy) and "midz" (pot) while an Orange County, CA teacher was arrested when a student's mother found texts saying the student was smoking pot with the teacher.