The New York Times calls Maria Shriver the "secret weapon" behind Arnold Schwarzenegger's gubernatorial success, saying Shriver was instrumental in keeping her husband on message as well as deflecting the sexual misconduct allegations. Sure, blame the wife.

Seriously speaking, Maria Shriver is a smart, determined lady who also knew what she was doing when she married the body-builder turned Hollywood star. A friend says she's "steel with a soft center," which makes us wonder when did steel have soft centers, because that's not steel we want holding anything important up. Bobby Shriver told People that Arnold fell in love with Maria when she shoved a pie in his face. See, pies, those have soft centers.

The San Francisco Chronicle notes Maria was by his side at all times. The L.A. Times on how Arnold is so familiar yet so unknown. Feh. Maybe we never wanted to know him. President Bush will make an appearance with Arnold. Arnold says he won't be acting anymore. Crap, no Collateraler Damage. And Eunice Shriver...we have not the words...