Finally, a March day that does not disappoint! Well, at least in terms of the weather forecast. High pressure has arrived, replacing the gray, gunky skies with plenty of sunshine. Clear skies, with maybe some fair weather cumulus clouds in the afternoon, will be the rule today and tomorrow, with both days hitting mid-afternoon highs in the mid 50s.

We won't have to wait long for the next round of rain, however. The humidity will begin to climb tomorrow night as the high moves offshore and a weak storm approaches from the Ohio Valley. Light rain from the storm is possible late Thursday night in the city and a mix of rain and non-accumulating snow is possible farther inland.

It will be all rain everywhere nearby on Friday as a secondary low forms off the Mid-Atlantic coast. Rain could be heavy once that storm powers up on Friday evening. The rain, thick cloud cover, and an easterly wind will keep the temperature in the lower to mid 40s from Thursday night all the way through Saturday morning. Saturday morning is also when the rain should stop, gradually giving way to a sunny and warm Sunday with a high near 60.