0805kyle.jpgMarc Jacobs, who is no angel himself, had a questionable employee managing one of his three stores in the Village. The NY Post reports that 24-year-old Kyle Avila stole approximately $62K from the designer in just 18 months. Gawker notes that the Kansas boy also once posed nude for a Jacobs t-shirt (pictured), so maybe he just felt he was due.

It appears no one was the wiser at the 385 Bleecker Street shop, as other employees there stated, "We've all been wondering where he went . . . He was a good manager."

As for Avila, he admitted to the crime saying he'd "been doing it for a while," after another manager at the store noticed some missing money and reported when he failed to return it. He's now being chargd with grand larceny and is held on a $2,000 cash bail which he has failed to post.