As the Knicks open camp at Skidmore College today, the focus is clearly on Stephon Marbury and what the Knicks will do with him. For his part, Marbury is “okay” if the team wants to cut him, "I have no problem with playing someplace else. Everyone knows I love New York, but now it's different because the business part of it is coming into play. If I'm not wanted here, then let me go." (Gee, we'd be “okay” too if someone wanted to cut us, but still had to pay our $21 million) It is clear that Marbury won’t take a buyout of his deal for less than full value, so what are the Knicks to do? As much as cutting him might make them feel better and improve team morale, New York should let Marbury play and hopefully play well. Expiring contracts have huge value in the NBA and somebody will want Marbury’s, it’s just unclear if the Knicks can wait that long.