With no in-game action to discuss, you know Stephon Marbury is bound to lob choice sound bites to the press on a regular basis. Yesterday he told reporters that he loves the franchise so much that "one day I might be able to buy the New York Knicks." That might be the only way for Marbury to find playing time with his hometown squad as he remains at a stalemate with the team as he continues to sit on the sidelines. Allan Houston, who was just named assistant to the President, is attempting to facilitate the situation as it's difficult to negotiate a potential buyout of his contract since Marbury doesn't have an agent. Marbury's latest idea to get in workouts at his alma mater Lincoln High was shot down by the union and in the meantime he's stopped scrimmaging to give more time to the younger players who are suiting up. He said, "It makes more sense...I'm not playing. I can't smell the court."