It's as if November is trying to make up for the cloudy, rainy weather we had in October. After a sun-filled weekend we've got us another couple days of clear skies ahead. High pressure sitting off the New Jersey coast means plenty of subsidence over the region and with subsiding air you get clear skies. The slight southwesterly flow will push today's high to near 60 degrees. Perfect weather to observe the 71st anniversary of a weather-related disaster. A bit of a windshift overnight will push Tuesday's high to the mid 60s.

More sun, and a high again in the mid 60s, is expected on Wednesday. If you're keeping track that's about ten degrees warmer than normal.

A change is in store late Wednesday or early Thursday when a Midwestern cold front passes through town. There's a good chance that front will be preceded by the first rainfall of the month. While Thursday should again be warm, cooler air is expected to arrive for Veteran's Day. Also arriving on Friday will be another round of pleasant weather. Next weekend should be fair with highs in the mid 50s.