Having to cram into a crowded subway car has been one thing these past few weekends as the MTA got to work on station and track renovations decreasing service on 18 of its 20 subway lines. But this weekend should be interesting, what with Halloween and the NYC Marathon in the mix.

So while the MTA continues its work on Saturday and Sunday -- since a by-product of a 24-hour, 365-day a year transit system is that there is no good time to do the necessary works— officials want riders to keep the end outcome in mind. As NYC Transit spokesman Paul Fleuranges a few weeks ago, "If we don't work on the railroad, it won't work. Actually, it begins to fail and leads to the conditions that plagued the system in the ‘80s, which produced rampant derailments, fires, etc. that crippled the system. We're not going to go back there."

And hopefully next Halloween, we’re not going to have to see another zombie MJ on the train.