dewpts_wxch0328.jpgNo, not the maple syrup smell weather, but warm days and cool nights –the ideal weather to get the sap running in maple trees. You may have noticed a few clouds earlier this morning. They heralded the passage of a week cold front. The front didn't bring much in the way of cold air but it is much drier. The dew point temperature has plunged from the mid-40s this morning to 20 degrees this afternoon.

The dry air will allow lots of radiational cooling the next few nights as there are no clouds and precious little water vapor to absorb the heat the earth is giving off. The dry air also means we'll warm up nicely during the day. We can expect highs in the mid-50s to around 60 and lows in the mid-to-upper-30s through Saturday. This is weather more typical of dry climates far away from big water bodies than what we normally get.

More normal springtime weather may return on Sunday. Right now it looks like clouds and rain will arrive mid-weekend.

Afternoon dew point temperature map from