The mysterious maple syrup smell made its first 2009 appearance early in the month, with dozens of smellings spanning Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. And now, as if to say good bye to January, we've had two smelling clusters: One on Tuesday night, concentrated around Hell's Kitchen and the eastern part of NJ, and the other last night, mostly in upper Manhattan and even in the Bronx. So... Yonkers, watch your back, the Maple Syrup Smell is coming for you?! Click on the map below for what our readers told us:

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We've also had some individual maple syrup scenting in the past few weeks—one day, it's from someone in a Midtown skyscraper, another day it's in Brooklyn or it's at a downtown office building. Which leads us to suspect that it's a combination of chemical cleaning agents and/or a salt substitute used by the Department of Sanitation to melt snow, as a commenter mentioned. We're open to additional conspiracy theories (UFOs?), so let us know. And we'll also call the DEP again tomorrow.

Past smellings: October 2005, March 2006, November 2006, November 2007, May 2008 and January 5, 2009. Plus a November 2007 cameo on 30 Rock.