2005_03_guggmaple.jpgIt was such a nice night that Gothamist decided to open our windows and air out our Upper West Side office/domicile as we tried to spring clean (as in, spring clean for 2005 - we're very, very behind). And then, during a gust of wind, it started to smell...weird. Like yucky, icky, gross...like really burnt maple syrup. Yes, the maple syrup is back, even though it is Monday. How else can you explain the email we got from a reader at West 20th and 9th Avenue who noticed the maple syrup had also seeped in through her open windows and who asked us if we wanted some Eggos? This is the second time that maple syrup seems to have visited us on a non-Thursday night, which makes us wonder...are we going totally crazy? (Maybe, as Joe tells us the winds are from the northeast and very light.)

Did you smell anything? Maple syrup struck in last October last year, and then on a Thursday in December and a Thursday this past January. And out of all NYC buildings, the Guggenheim looks most like a stack of pancakes. So when Paul Bunyan gets hungry, we know where he's headed.