In the city's never-ending competition to see which neighborhood's drunkards and recent college grads can keep residents awake later at night, Williamsburg has won yet again : The neighborhood received 2,141 noise complaints in 2012, more than any other in the city.

The noise complaint data were released as part of Bloomberg's push for transparency and accessible municipal data, and take into account noise complaints from people and parties as well as cars and construction.

Williamsburg barely beat out its neighbors across the river, with the East Village and LES clocking in at just under 2,000 noise complaints each (Must be all those noisy virgins and clattering bacon machines). The areas around Union Square and NYU were also some of the loudest this year, with 2,054 noise complaints.

Check out the numbers from the entire city below—the red areas are the loudest, and the green areas are the quietest. And remember, all these rankings could change tomorrow depending on where Santacon makes the most noise.