Despite relentless attempts by developers to make it otherwise, New York City is a beautiful salad bowl of diversity—an eclectic assemblage of tasty vegetables united together under a light vinaigrette of filth. How is it possible that we're able to coexist in such relative peace despite our disparate backgrounds, world views and socio-economic statuses? We all listen to the exact same shitty music.

Using data collected by the e-jukebox vendor TouchTunes, the Wall Street Journal compiled the top artists and songs played in bars and restaurants across the city (as well as two laundromats and a barber shop). What did they learn? As a city, our musical tastes are rooted firmly in the past—the Rolling Stones remain popular across every borough, along with Beyonce and her mainpiece Jay-Z and...Frank Sinatra? The Beatles? Romeo Santos is big everywhere, but it appears the most popular song on rotation is actually by Enrique Iglesias. Maybe it's because the video takes place in a bar, and New York booze hounds are more meta than we thought.

Go ahead and stare at the map for hours, but doing it knowing you'll never find anything more amusing than the fact that drinkers in northeast Queens are out there listening to Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down.