Yesterday, the Daily News created map showing how the World Trade Center will turn the prior super-block of open plazas and buildings into a heavily guarded and gated compound, with entrance limited to those who have been screened and or inspected.


While little mention is made of what restrictions pedestrian visitors wanting to see the WTC Memorial will be, vehicles getting anywhere near the Freedom Tower or any of the other buildings will have to pass through a phalanx of security. According to the News, "Tenants, chauffeurs, livery cabbies and tour-bus drivers who need regular access to the complex would have to register with cops and win approval as 'trusted drivers.'" (They'd get special transponders.)

However, the NYPD says the Daily News was using "outdated" information and created an exaggerated vision of what the WTC will be. Then again, the NYPD did demand that the Freedom Tower be redesigned for safety reasons, so a checkpoint-heavy WTC site is not so unbelievable.