Bryan Haggerty created a totally stripped-down version of the NYC subway map, reducing it to "expose the grand complexity of this weaving system of people movers." He writes:

This reduction evokes an interesting view into the history, sprawl, and the expansiveness of New York City’s subway. Through abstraction of the subway map, the often spoke of, subway as the arteries of the city, is made unequivocally clear. No borough or neighborhood is given prominence, only its veins are shown, almost like a medical illustration of the human circulatory system.

We'll also say this - it's very pretty.

Haggerty is a fan of the current subway map, designed by Michael Hertz. We interviewed Hertz, who said, "The [NYC] system itself is far too complex for any map alone to answer every question. A map can only work in concert with other elements like good signage."