Streetsblog has this terrific map (created by the Pratt Center for Community Development) illustrating the City Council's votes for and against congestion pricing, and laid NYC highways, subways, and commuter rail options over it.

The surprising votes, according to Streetsblog, are Council members Mathieu Eugene's and Bill de Blasio's because few of their Brooklyn constituents (2.4-3.7%) drive to work, as well as Council members Diana Reyna (Williamsburg) and Peter Vallone (Astoria) since their districts "are slated to get significant transit enhancements."

As for the grey area, that's Councilwoman Helen Foster's district in the Bronx. Foster, who has the fifth worst attendance record in the Council, was in Las Vegas during the vote--she says her flight was delayed and she didn't know the vote would be held on Monday. However, the NY Times semi-calls BS on her, because Council members were told last week to reserve Monday for a possible vote.