Here at Gothamist HQ, we are always fascinated by the non-emergencies that piss off New Yorkers enough to actively seek vengeance by way of anonymous 311 complaints, whether it's excess dog poop, refrigerator noises, or jews having more holidays for alternate side parking. The folks over at NYU's Furman Center have put together the above map that illustrates the most common summertime complaints by neighborhood to the city's non-emergency line.

The information was compiled via 311 data from June-August 2012—go here to download the full list of 311 complaints by neighborhood [xls]. Some interesting anomalies on the list: Woodside residents are annoyed by "loud talking," Hollis residents are annoyed by "illegal postering," Douglas Manor has a problem with "dirty water," and Spuyten Duyvil/Kingsbridge residents are annoyed by "no receipts." Oh, and Prospect/Lefferts Garden, Midwood, Flatbush, Crown Heights South and Mount Hope residents generally have a problem with "ceilings."

Conspicuously absent from the map: hipsters, adult kickball leagues, bike lanes, American Idol results, trendy pastries, public pool poop, au natural toilet training, the MTA, the NSA, Mayor Bloomberg, the internets' over reliance on listicles, being forced to live in proximity to other New Yorkers, self-parodying NY Times trend pieces, etc!