The Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at University College London has created a contoured map of NYC's Twitter traffic, "New York City New City Landscape." The names of NYC neighborhoods (and NJ towns) are renamed—for instance, there's Penn Station Point (very high Twitter traffic) and Rikers Island Desert (low).

According to CASA's blog, "The highest New York point is the Time Square Peak. It sits within a ridge running down the length of Manhattan. It drops of in the south shortly after Chinatown Head and Little Italy Side. A second group of mountains are location around the Franklin Avenue Rock and a third in the Jamaica area... The data is derived from tweets sent via a mobile device that includes the location at the time of sending the message. The contours correspond to the density of tweets, the mountains rise over active locations and cliffs drop down in to calm valleys, flowing out to tweet deserts. Throughout the emerging landscape features have been renamed to reflect these conditions." You can see the areas via the images above or this map:

New York New City Landscape

[Via Londonist]