Sure, you might not want to vote because plenty of major, serious issues are habitually neglected while both parties continue to swallow anonymous money like snakes devouring eggs. But at the very least you are taking a break from work & get one of those sweet "I VOTED!" stickers (which you can sometimes trade in later for an "I GOT LAID" sticker). If you're registered to vote, here's where you can exercise your civic duty.

Helpfully, Google has created a tool to show you where to vote: just plug in the address that you registered with and there it is. The tool has been updated to include the new polling stations created in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, but if you've been displaced by the hurricane, you're allowed to vote anywhere, thanks to Governor Cuomo.

OR, if your eyes have completely glazed over reading this, you can always text "NYCVOTES" to 877-877, where you can access information to find out where your polling site is, courtesy of NYC VOTES!