The congregants of the Joy Fellowship Church in Baychester are mourning the loss of their Bishop, his wife, and four other congregants who died in a crash on the NY Thruway. However, the tragic accident has not led them to lose faith. One congregant told the Daily News, "We know God never makes mistakes." But as Michael Daly put it, "Whatever God you worship, that God wants you to wear a seat belt."

Investigators found that only the driver and the Bishop, who was seated in the front passenger seat, were the only two in the van wearing seat belts. State law requires only the two passengers seated in the front to buckle up, and Police Sgt. Lawrence King said, "Most of the people [who died] got thrown out of the van." The Post also reports that the van was "fatally flawed." Vehicle safety expert Byron Bloch said the 1997 Ford Econoline's high center of gravity and and poor suspension system caused pressure on the rear tires. When the back left tire blew on the Thruway, the driver was unable to regain control of the car. Bloch said, "This tragedy was fully preventable but for the needlessly unsafe design of the Ford van."

But congregants weren't thinking of the "what ifs" as they gathered to mourn the lost congregants. Choir leader Katherine Lawrence said their main goal was "just keeping the congregation together." Pastor Recardo Millwood told WABC, "Some questions we will not be able to answer. Only God understands why."Eight congregants remain hospitalized after the crash, and yesterday officials said one survivor is "under heavy sedation and it does not look good." The Bronx church was made up of mostly West Indian and Jamaican immigrants, and had about 100 congregants.