A man proposed to his girlfriend in a Megabus parked at the Port Authority yesterday. "Nina Lazerow thought it was just another bus ride," the CBS report notes, presumably referring to the nauseous lurching of the bus as it takes an hour to crawl out of Manhattan rush-hour traffic, the Cheetos dust-encrusted arm rest you have no choice to use and the guy hocking loogies into a plastic bag a seat over while he watches the same episode of Friday Night Lights the entire ride on his iPad. No, this bus had one designation: love. Then…a four-hour trip to Baltimore.

Lazerow lives in Baltimore, and her fiancee Avi Muller lives in the city, and the two have used Megabus to bridge the gap for several years. When will we see the first rehearsal dinner at Beer Authority? A few more wedding proposals and we'll (maybe) forget all about the time a human being died in a bus at the Port Authority terminal and no one noticed.