A 32-year-old woman is dead after a car driven by her boyfriend drove into a street median and hit a light pole and another car on Fourth Avenue in Sunset Park last night. And not only was the boyfriend charged with DWI, apparently the car belonged to the boyfriend's wife. The Daily News reports, "[Nyron] Isaac, an unemployed maintenance worker, was supposed to be home watching his 10-year-old son, according to his wife, Tennile Isaac, 29, who has been seeking a divorce. She had warned him not to drive the Cadillac, which she was transferring ownership of to him, because it was uninsured, she said."

Tennile Isaac said that her soon-to-be-ex decided to leave his son home alone to give girlfriend Keisha Nelson a ride. Nelson, who had a 9-year-old son, had been in the backseat with Nyron Isaac's 21-year-old female cousin. Nelson was pronounced dead at the scene while Nyron Isaac and his cousin were taken to a hospital in serious by stable condition.

Isaac was charged with charged with manslaughter, driving while intoxicated, and driving without a license. Witnesses told the Daily News that "when he got out of the car, Isaac was spinning in circles and said he didn't know who was driving."