Fernando Ferrer gleefully accepted the Local 1199 (the biggest health care union) endorsement and invoked the tale of David and Goliath. Meaning Mayor Bloomberg is Goliath, a Goliath built of money. Ferrer also asked Bloomberg to not spend so much and "Come on out and go mano a mano with me." Gothamist is unsure whether or not Bloomberg would know what mano a mano is; Bloomberg seems to be all about the minions. The Times reports that the Mayor working on his Democrats-for-Bloomberg theme by distancing himself from the President in order to fight the surprisingly united Democratic party. Well, remember that Bloomberg was trailing Ferrer in earlier polls; in 2003, two-thirds of New Yorkers wanted another Mayor, when his approval rating was at 32%.

In post-primary matters, the Observer looks at the issue of City Council term limits; City Council Speaker and fourth-place primary finisher Gifford Miller might have been pushed to run for Mayor since he was finishing up his second term. Pros: You get new blood - it's not just powerful incumbents. Cons: It may take some Council Members eight years to figure out how to navigate the tricky NYC political waters.