With his mug plastered on the Daily News, there's speculation that the caught-on-cameraphone pervert is a raw-food restaurant owner. The joke nearly writes itself. The Daily News says that many people have contacted them and the NYPD to say they think it could be Dan Hoyt, the co-owner of Quintessence. Hoyt has been contacted for questioning, but his ex-wife and Quintessnce co-owner says nothing's been proven yet and "There should be a support center to support these men to find what is the cause of their action instead of ...putting them in jail." What does suck is if you happen to have similar features to the subway onanist.

And a subway clerk was flashed by a man, who then lunged for her, at the 34th and 8th Avenue station; some other subway riders saw what was happening and screamed, forcing the man to flee.