We're hearing that there are many manhole fires in Tribeca - N. Moore, Hudson, Varick, etc. The rumor is that Con Ed lost a "feeder" - anyone who knows what a feeder is and how that might be causing this problem, please let us know. Also, there are reports of elevated carbon monoxide levels in a couple buildings, but it's unclear how dangerous they may be. WABC 7 did a story on the dangers of Con Ed - but only the getting shocked parts. For manholes, we're going to revist some links we liked from last year: How Stuff Works explains how manholes explode, Gothamist on exploding manholes and manhole tattoos; New York magazine on manholia (fear of manholes) and DC had a spate of manhole incidents - here's the Washington Post's manhole section.

There was also a first-floor fire at the Plaza earlier, which is a bad thing since it has an asbestos abatement.