There's something up with everything that Con Ed seems to have control over. Okay, fine, it's not a blackout or anything of that scale, but after the various stray voltage zappings of people and pets, should we be so surprised that a manhole that exploded on Saturday night was so powerful that a parked SUV was knocked over? And, as it happens, the SUV then basically flew onto a firefighter's head. It's a totally crazy and somewhat miraculous story: The Daily News says Marc Kroenung was putting out the manhole fire in the Bronx, and when the Cadillac Escalade somehow flew up and then crashed down sideways, "with the driver's side window shattering against Kroenung's helmet as the auto crashed to the pavement. He was left standing inside the overturned SUV." Kroenung is fine - he only needed five stitches - and he credited his helmet with saving him. Con Ed thinks that the underground fire started because snow and salt corrosion of wires in a service box. It doesn't sound like there's enough manpower to watch over all the service boxes in the city - what will Con Ed do?