Manhattan residents are getting a new 332 area code, news that means very little to those of us with 212 and 917 numbers because we are already better than all of you.

With more and more bodies packing onto the 4, 5, and 6 trains, Manhattan's maxed out on current landline codes 646, 917 (for a few landlines) and 212. The latter line, in fact, has become such a status symbol since becoming scarce in the '90s that transplants are shelling out thousands of dollars on 212 numbers because people do these things when they have too much money.

Anyway, now we have a new code, though it won't be operational until at least April 2017. The outer boroughs, meanwhile, will still have to make do with lamestream 929, 347, and the ever-vanishing 718 code. And if you're lucky enough to have a cell number that starts with 917, you're even cooler now, considering all the 212 poseurs out there.

I leave you with this.