It is time once again for the first Manhattanhenge sunset of 2007. Or not. amNY is saying that tonight's sunset will be perfectly aligned with the east-west grid of Manhattan streets. However, NewYorkology received the dates from Neil deGrasse Tyson's office at the Hayden Planetarium and they are saying Manhattanhenge doesn't occur until tomorrow night. deGrasse Tyson is the astrophysicist who coined the term Manhattanhenge. Viewing the phenomenon is best from the east side, which takes advantage of the long fetch of streets, from 14th Street and above. But, remember, staring at the sun, even a setting sun, is not a smart thing to do.

Tonight will likely be the better day to view the sunset as clear skies are expected all day.

There's a big disconnect in the Weather Service and AccuWeather forecasts for the next few days. The big picture is a backdoor cold front is sinking down through New England. The Weather Service thinks the front will stall to our south, then reverse direction and head back our way as a warm front. AccuWeather is saying the front won't stall and return. The different interpretations mean warm, unsettled conditions if the National Weather Service is correct or mostly sunny, cooler weather if AccuWeather is indeed accu. Gothamist's money, and we're not betting a lot, is on the Weather Service.

The forecasts return to agreement by the weekend. Saturday's high will be in the 80s and Sunday's will be in the upper 70s, with a good chance of showers both days.

Manhattanhenge sunset along 42nd St. from Queens by Marcus Woollen on Flickr