2005_07_dennis.jpgAs former Hurricane Dennis pushes northward it has warped the flow of the atmopshere above us so that it is coming from the west and northwest rather than a more southerly direction. For today that means hot, dry, and clear skies. This should be the hottest day of the year so far. With low humidity the heat should be bearable and the Weather Service has canceled the heat advisory it issued yesterday. What a change from Saturday morning when JFK set a record low of 61 degrees. Today's record high in Central Park is 98. Gothamist doubts we can break it but we can always hope.

The clear skies are perfect for witnessing Manhattanhenge tonight. Tonight the sun will set parallel to the east-west running street grid north of 14th St. thanks to the Commissioner's Plan of 1811. The 1811 plan also laid out Manhattan's squares. Sunset is at 8:28 this evening so grab your cameras. You won't be able to see this again until next May. Gothamist on last year's Manhattanhenge.