The Manhattan District Attorney says a 44-year-old woman has duped elderly men out of thousands of dollars, and in one particularly greedy instance she even tried to withdraw $225,000 from a man's retirement account.

D.A. Cy Vance said that defendant Mary Evans was "systematically preying on men three decades older than her and stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings from them." His office outlined her scam:

According to court documents and statements made on the record in court, beginning in 2009, EVANS initiated a scheme to steal from elderly men living alone in Washington Heights. During the time period charged in the indictment, she stole more than $400,000 from three elderly male victims following a similar pattern: EVANS approached her targets in neighborhood restaurants, supermarkets, or coffee shops and engaged them in a conversation by feigning recognition from alleged prior encounters. During these conversations, EVANS would acquire the victims’ names and phone numbers, which she used to set up subsequent meetings, often in the victims’ homes.

After EVANS gained her victims’ trust, she began to request to borrow money from them. To explain her financial plight, she often claimed to have suffered serious family tragedies, such as abusive former husbands and the early deaths of children. She also claimed to some victims that she needed a loan to pay for nursing school or obtain a nursing license. There is no evidence that any of these claims were true. Often, EVANS made verbal or written promises regarding when these loans would be repaid, and promised to re-pay the victims in full. When the victims confronted EVANS regarding the return of their money, she ceased all communication with them.

The DA's office says there were three victims: A 77-year-old retired MTA employee who was fleeced for $130,000, including a Mercedes convertible; an 81-year-old retired church musical director who was parted with $53,000 in cash; and a 73-year-old retired college professor with dementia.

According to prosecutors, Evans's attempt to withdraw $225,000 from the retired professor's account resulted in the Teacher’s Retirement System alerting Adult Protective Services, and then a review found $224,000 in suspicious withdrawals. Evans also allegedly got a marriage certificate for herself and the victim.

Evans was indicted on charges of grand larceny, scheming to defraud and endangering the welfare of an incompetent or physically disabled person. Vance said, "Companionship came at a high price for the elderly victims in this case. I encourage anyone who believes that an older friend, relative, or loved one may be the victim of this type of fraud to call my Office’s Elder Abuse Hotline at 212-335-9007."