Kips Bay resident Gjyste Margilaj had a bizarre encounter with her new neighbor early this morning when she was roused by a loud crash in her kitchen shortly after midnight.

“I freaked out for a couple of minutes, and then I went over to the kitchen and I heard someone panting and breathing like they were in obvious pain," Margilaj tells the Daily News. "They were freaking out. I opened the kitchen vent so he could breathe."

The unnamed man is, according to police sources, Margilaj's new neighbor, who recently moved into an apartment on the fourth floor of the building at East 26th Street. Cops say he had been "hanging out" with friends on the roof, as one does on a delightfully frigid January night, when he decided to return to his apartment via an air duct. "Turns out that’s not the way for him to go," a police source dryly told the News.

The NY Post reports that the man fell six stories down the air shaft before getting lodged behind Margilaj's wall. Firefighters successfully rescued him after about 40 minutes, breaking open the wall to get him out. He was transported to Bellevue hospital for evaluation with minor injuries.