A 32-year-old Manhattan woman died this week while hiking alone in New Hampshire. Her body was discovered yesterday, and authorities believe she died of exposure.

The hiker, Kate Matrosova, activated an emergency beacon on Sunday while hiking in New Hampshire's White Mountains, but rescuers were unable to find her body until yesterday afternoon.

Matrosova, who was originally from Siberia, worked as a financial analyst, but was apparently a seasoned hiker. Still, winds in the area reportedly blew at more than 100 miles per hour on Sunday night, and temperatures plummeted to 30 degrees below zero. Authorities believe weather conditions led to Matrosova's demise. "We’ve been preaching for years that the weather can change dramatically in New England,” Lt. Wayne Saunders of the state's Fish and Game Department told the Concord Monitor. “The weather can change in a heartbeat. There were high wind speeds and sub-zero temperatures. You shouldn’t be hiking in this weather.”

Matrosova had reportedly planned to limit her hike to Sunday, but was likely overcome by the elements. Her husband, who dropped her off at the base of Mounts Madison and Adams on Sunday morning, is a vice president for JPMorgan Chase.