A Manhattan woman is suing the dog walker who lost her beloved rescue pup—and she believes the dog walker traded the dog for drugs

Sugar, a 4-year-old brown and white rescue dog, went missing on Feb. 23rd while in the care of walker Tommy Doerr, who claims he had "an unexplained psychotic episode" and can't remember what happened to the dog. Owner Morgan Bogle, the creator of ethical luxury bag line Freedom of Animals, has mounted a social media campaign to find Sugar, with Facebook groups and Instagram tags (in addition to at least one big billboard on Seventh Avenue).

According to the Post, Bogle accuses the 46-year-old Doerr in the lawsuit of trading Sugar for PCP. The lawsuits states that he was"detained by the police who had allegedly searched him and found him in possession of a controlled substance, believed to be PCP....[She was also told] that [Doerr] ‘traded’ Sugar to some drug dealers in return for PCP or sold Sugar in order to obtain money to buy drugs. Morgan believes that her best friend and beloved pet was sold by Doerr to be used in connection with dog-fighting or traded for controlled substances."

Bogle wants a judge to order Doerr to return Sugar or pay $10,000 in damages, which is the award she's been offering for his return. She adds in the lawsuit that she "is rapidly losing hope that Sugar will ever be found alive."

While Doerr's lawyer has not disputed the fact that his client lost the dog on his watch, he denies the drug allegations. "I can tell you there was a drug intake [at the hospital] and it was completely negative, which proves that any allegation that he was on any kind of drugs is completely false," attorney Mel Ginsburg told The Post. As for what happened to the dog, he added, "Things happen that people don’t remember." Doerr has now countersued Bogle, accusing her of defamation because of the "false" drug allegations.

We are still looking for you baby Sugy. #findsugarnyc

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