Coming soon to Fifth Avenue, up in the sky, it's the 52-story condo tower NoMad denizens didn't know they needed. This latest oligarch-wealth-parking-area combines 2000s Midtown glassiness with 2010s Midtown pencil girth to make a truly alien building form that will no doubt have incredible, press-your-face-to-the-glass-on-your-way-out-of-the-shower-and-laugh-at-the-poor views.

And that's not all. The building, according to the pro-development blog New York YIMBY will feature retail space on the first two floors and a private gym, spa, and library. We're curious about who the book-buyer will be—does speakeasy bookstore proprietor Michael Seidenberg have a price?—what genres will be stocked—we're picturing a specialty in coffee-table nonfiction—and what the fine structure might be like—$10 per day tacked onto your maintenance fee?

So long, Chez Gourmet. (Google Maps)

In any event, demolition of the three-story building on the lot at E. 30th Street is underway, and the replacement appendage is set to be complete in 2018, at which point, Manhattan is supposed to look like this: