According to the latest U.S. Census data, Manhattan residents have the highest average income in the country - a sweet $73,000. But then when you realize the average is seriously skewed because of all the bankers, lawyers, celebrities, trust fund babies, and the like, and you start thinking, "Damn, when is my ship going to come in?" And then when you factor in the crazy Manhattan housing costs (see Curbed) and other cost of living expenditures (average for two cocktails at midscale bar: $15; movie ticket: $10-12; dinner out, without drink: $20; amount you're putting in your 401K: what's a 401K?; jaunt to a sample sale: $200 - but it would have been $800 retail!; cab ride home: $10; realization you've burned through your discretionary money for the month in a week: priceless), Gothamist realizes we must track down the median salary from this study. And think about panhandling the Wall Street types who have just gotten their bonuses.

The U.S. Census Bureau on income.