A PTA president's "surprise performance" which involved him doing a "raunchy" drag routine, stunning parents and students, has essentially led to his dismissal. One mother said, "He got on all fours on the choir stand, he laid on his back, raised his legs, opened his legs wide open. What made you in your head think that was appropriate for elementary school students?"

The Daily News reports that the event was a student showcase, held on May 25, at a Museo del Barrio auditorium: "[Parent Raquel] Morales said about 200 families at the evening talent show took in student art and writing exhibits from schools across the district, including Public School 83, River East Elementary School and PS 96. The parents sat through endearing performances by children who took the stage and played the piano and drums and sang for the student performance portion of the event, which District 4 Superintendent Alexandra Estrella emceed."

As the finale, P.S. 96 PTA President Frankie Quinones appeared and performed in drag as a legendarily flamboyant Puerto Rican singer-dancer Iris Chacon, wearing a short, sheer dress. Video from Morales shows Quinones spreading his legs and showing his underwear:

Morales says that a number of parents and children walked out and that her 10-year-old son was very confused. Another parent told the News, "I left the show the minute he started sticking his tongue out. I had my children with me and I wasn’t going to allow them to see that. It was a very poor presentation of Iris Chacón, anyway. She was not like that."

The NYC Department of Education said, "The content of the performance was inappropriate, and a school administrator has spoken with the parent. Mr. Quinones has served the maximum number of terms permitted as PTA president, and the school will host an election later this month to select a new president. The superintendent will continue to meet with parents and review the process for vetting performances at district events."

Some parents and students spoke positively about Quinones, though agreed that the performance was a bad idea. Another parent was more forgiving. In an interview with WCBS 2, Yvette Bonilla said, "The performance was spot on. He did everything Iris Chacon would have done, down to shaking her booty at the crowd," and said of the audience, "I think they’ve seen a lot worse."