2007_11_manhmall.jpgThat report of an EDP near Herald Square this morning? It turns out a man stabbed a woman - in the lobby of the Manhattan Mall!

The Post says the woman was "stabbed in the back, arm and wrists" during the morning rush hour. The lobby was covered in blood, forcing the building to close the West 33rd Street entrance. The victim and attacker were both taken to Bellevue. The victim is described as the stabber's girlfriend, and a witness believes he saw them arguing before the attack. And the only other injury was a minor one to a police officer who responded.

Herald Square is especially busy during the holiday season, and there have been some violent incidents, like the man who randomly stabbed three people in Horace Greeley Park in 2004, a man who stabbed two people at a TGI Friday's in 2005, and the 2002 incidents where a disturbed NJ man drove into pedestrians on two occasions, hitting a total of 26 people.