While former governor Eliot Spitzer reminded everyone he used to be the Sheriff of Wall Street on The Colbert Report this past week, "Manhattan Madam" Kristin Davis, the madam who claims Spitzer was one of her clients, has been eyeing one of Spitzer's former jobs—being governor! According to the Daily News, Republican operative Roger Stone has been helping her with a gubernatorial bid!

Stone, who has worked for Richard Nixon, organized protests during the 2000 Election Florida recount, and may or may not have left a voicemail for Spitzer's dad calling his son a "phony, psycho piece of s---", tells the News, "This is not a hoax, a prank or a publicity stunt..This started out being about Spitzer. But now that it looks like he won't run, Kristin still wants to use her celebrity to highlight a reform agenda."

What kind of reform? Well, Davis calls herself a "natural Libertarian," hates taxes, wants to legalize prostitution and marijuana (hello, revenue), and supports gay marriage while being a card-carrying member of the NRA! Stone, who says GOP candidate Rick Lazio is "a turkey," is also plotting to get Davis's Penthouse Pet friends involved, "We'll get four, make them notary publics and have them, suitably attired, collecting signatures [for Davis to get on the ballot] at Grand Central Station during rush hour."

For what it's worth, Stone, who also claims he tipped off the feds about Spitzer's prostitute-loving ways, is angry that Spitzer is denying that he wore black socks during sex: "Three independent sources all confirmed he did it with his droopy calf-length socks on."