We already knew that Manhattan and Brooklyn are the most expensive places to live in the America but now, apparently for the first time, Manhattan has the dubious distinction of being home to the most expensive ZIP code in all the land. In fact it is home to four of them, according to Forbes. People who say Manhattan is turning into a playground for the rich, you aren't wrong!

Pushing Alpine, New Jersey, into second place this year is the 10065 ZIP code where the median home costs $6.5 million, and the neighborhood locals include people far richer than you will ever be. Like David Rockefeller, Rupert Murdoch, Ronald Perelman, Robert Bass and Sumner Redstone. Want to rub shoulders with them? Well, Richie Rich, there are currently more than 50 condo units for sale there for a cool seven figures.

And the 10065 isn't even the only Manhattan ZIP code in the top ten! The West Village's 10014 comes in sixth (median home price, $4.1 million), the Upper East Side's 10021 ZIP comes in eighth (median home price, $3.9 million) and the area's sliver ZIP code 10075 comes in tenth (median home price, $3.8 million). We're not sure if we should be proud of this?

Meanwhile, if that is not enough for you, even the second place ZIP owes its riches to our cachet. Coming in behind the UES ZIP as the second most expensive ZIP code in the county is our nearby suburb of Alpine, where "the median home price is $5.75 million, street addresses are regularly scrambled on GPS and residents include celebrities like Stevie Wonder and Sean 'Diddy' Combs." Still, let's not dare think about raising taxes on the rich just a little to pay for things like pre-K.