Manahattanites, you'll have to put off getting 5 gallon containers of olive oil - but you will get your cute Isaac skirts! Target will be leasing a 130,000 square foot space at East River Plaza, a "long delayed" mall at the FDR and East 119th Street. Costco was originally thought to be the second floor tenant (there's a Home Depot on the first floor), but Target's apparently to shell out more cash. What's cute is that the East River Plaza's website still lists Costco as a retailer.

Last year around this time, the New Yorker had an issue where Target was the sole advertiser, and our readers debated the pros and cons of having a Target in Manhattan. One point brought up over and over again: Target isn't that much cheaper, but it has more interesting products than, say, your regular K-Mart (NYC doesn't like Wal-Mart in these parts!).