You may recall that back in the heady days of a few weeks ago, two white flags were mysteriously installed on the Brooklyn Bridge prompting a lot of confusion and a bit of hysteria. They were possibly put there by an "insider," or perhaps a marauding gang of trouble-making skateboarders, but we don't really know because the NYPD hasn't named any suspects nearly a month later. But they claim they're really really close to finding the culprits: "We think we have a very good idea of who’s responsible,’" Police Chief Bratton said.

But we can guarantee at least one person who did NOT commit the crime: the parody Twitter account Bike Lobby. However, that hasn't stopped the District Attorney's office from (hilariously) subpoenaing them because of a transparently jokey tweet.

NY Subpoena / Twitter / @BicycleLobby by All Powerful Bicycle Lobby

So what did Bike Lobby, a parody account which was inspired by the ramblings of reactionary anti-bike nut Dorothy Rabinowitz (she claimed that cops had their hands tied by the "all-powerful bike lobby"), tweet to inspire such paranoia?

Hours after they tweeted that, it seems both AP and Daily News reported on the tweet as if the parody Twitter account (note in their Twitter bio: "Parody account.") were real. That same day, Bike Lobby immediately clarified that, again, they were a parody account.

This all seems pretty, pretty clear cut to us—but apparently not to the DA's Office! Because they tweeted today about the latest developments:

So—and we're going out on a limb here—perhaps one reason why it's taken so long for the NYPD to even name a suspect, let alone arrest somebody, in this incident is that they've spent a certain amount of time/man power/resources/taxpayer's money pursuing dead-end leads like a Twitter parody account that clearly marked that it was a Twitter parody account.

Then again, that Bike Lobby sure has stirred the pot over the last year.