The death of a wealthy but disgraced developer turns out to be murder as police examine how Andrew Kissel was killed in the basement of his Greenwich, CT mansion. What's puzzling is that while his stabbed body was found in what the Times calls a "blood-soaked" basement bathroom, there were no signs of forced entry (the moving company of his estranged wife found the body). The Post floats the idea that Kissel hired someone to kill him, so his children would be able to get a multimillionaire dollar life insurance policy since creditors are tying up other funds. Kissel had a history of fraud - in 2002, he embezzled over $4 million from his East 74th Street co-op, and last year, he was charged by the feds with conning real estate investors of $20 million in fake deals. His own father noted his son's problems, saying, "Andrew did bad things. He took money from a lot of people. He was killed in an extremely vengeful, angry way."

Kissel's brother, Robert, had been killed by his wife in a sensational murder that rocked Hong Kong and left Andrew Kissel and his sister battling over custody of Robert's kids (his sister now raises them in Washington state).