Manhattan Beach residents have had it up to here with squat concrete planters along Oriental Blvd. and the 4-foot tall vegetation within them. Locals, like Manhattan Beach Neighborhood Association member Edmond Dweck, are living in fear: "It will cause harm eventually...." These vegetative nuisances are said to create hazardous blind spots for drivers turning onto Oriental Blvd. from one of the many quiet side streets.

Community Board 15 member Ed Eisenberg tells the Daily News, "It's a dangerous situation. It's just a matter of time before there's a fatality." And the Manhattan Beach Community Group has put the Parks Department "on notice." However, DOT figures show there were 10 reported car accidents on Oriental Blvd. this year so far, and no one is certain how many were shrub-related. Manhattan Beach residents haven't been this outraged since 2007, when the same local activists clamored for the city to spruce up the 15-block-long boulevard with new shrubs, trees—and planters. Currently, the Parks Department says they don't have the proper equipment to lift the planters.

The future of these concrete abominations is not known, but one thing that is for certain is that Beautification committees better think twice before messing with Manhattan Beach.