Looks like the manatee off Long Island is on the move: Newsday reports on the second and thirdsightings of the sea creature in the past few days. A family saw something on Friday afternoon--the grandmother said, "I hear this grunting noise and I look down, and at first I thought it was a mass of seaweed. Then, all of a sudden, it's this huge mass coming down." Her brother said, "It snorted at my sister. She was shocked, and screamed that it was one of those elephants of the sea. My nephews were amazed." Then yesterday, father and son were fishing off Centreport. MTA staffer Doug Johnson said his son yelled that he saw a manatee, "At first, we only saw the silhouette, but then we saw the entire back and the tail." A U.S. Geological Survey biologist says it could very well be the same one seen by a family in Stony Brook Harbor a few days ago.