Now for just the low, low fee of $10, you can enjoy the luxury of not having to breakup with your annoying significant other yourself. is run by Brad in Iowa, and for $10 ($25 for breaking an engagement, $50 for divorce) he will call your mate and break up with them for you. He'll even do it in person if you pay for airfare and hotel! The best/worst part is, the conversation will be recorded on the internet for all to hear.

For instance, Brad recently had to call Maggie on behalf of Sean, who felt like she was using him. According to the phone call, Maggie and her friend Brandy talked Sean into having a threesome, where he "felt like he was sort of a spectator because he was out of the loop on the whole scenario." Sean apparently thought Maggie and Brandy were more than just friends, to which Maggie replied, "he knows we're more than just friends. He watched us." Brad (who sounds oddly like Patton Oswalt) tries to stay calm, but erupts around eight minutes with "Maggie! Maggie! I'm annoyed with you!" before asking if she's realized what's happened and thanking her for using He also offers an unfriending service for facebook, for when clicking the button on a profile for someone you haven't seen since freshman year of college is just too much pressure.