A man accused of threatening to kill cops harbored a small arsenal of weapons including guns and brass knuckles in his Queens home, according to authorities.

The NYPD says that a 54-year-old male witness was at a TD Bank on Metropolitan Avenue near 80th Street in Queens at around 1:39 p.m. yesterday when he overheard a cellphone conversation in which 38-year-old Elvin Payamps allegedly threatened to kill cops and mentioned having weapons in his home. The witness alerted police, and though Payamps had already left the premises, he was able to give cops a description of the suspect.

Authorities say that officers canvassed the area and found a man who matched the witness's description entering a vehicle on Metropolitan Avenue in Middle Village. Cops followed him to an intersection at Rentar Plaza, where they allegedly observed he had a bag of marijuana with him out in plain view.

Payamps was arrested, and a search of his home in Glendale yielded two firearms, two bullet resistant vests, brass knuckles and a holster. He has been charged with possession of criminal weapons and unlawful possession of marijuana.