A man who suffered a painful six-day erection that cost him his virility while serving out a sentence in the Manhattan Detention Complex is bringing a suit to State Supreme Court.

Rodney Cotton, 51, was allegedly denied proper treatment by doctors who work for Corizon—a for-profit health care company that, unsurprisingly, has not been granted a new contract with city jails for the coming year.

Cotton's lengthy erection—the technical term is priapism—was an unpleasant side effect of Pisperdal, his antidepressant medication DNAInfo reports. After a few hours of discomfort during his time there in 2011, Cotton went to a Corizon doctor who allegedly prescribed ice packs and Tylenol. The next day, despite the increasing direness of the situation, a second doctor, one Landis Barnes, allegedly suggested the same course of action.

“I was angry. I was hurting ,” Cotton told the news website. “I didn’t know what was going on with my body so I was very scared.”

Four days went by before a third doctor saw Cotton, and had him sent immediately to Bellevue Hospital, where he went into emergency surgery. Dr. Barnes allegedly told Cotton that the stitches in his penis would dissolve, even though the hospital had specified that they needed to be removed in ten days, tops. The result was grisly. From DNAInfo:

But they were not self-dissolving, the lawsuit says. By the time they were removed Aug. 9, they had become embedded in the skin of his penis, according to court documents, and no anesthetic was used to remove them.

Cotton went on to serve the rest of his two-and-a-half-year sentence (for violating parole) at a prison upstate. According to his lawyer, he's since learned that the six-day erection caused irrevocable damage.